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Research project: Magneto-hydrodynamic solvers in AMROC for space-weather forecasting

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This work has been funded by the Southampton-FAPESP SPRINT - Sao Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration and University of Southampton (FAPESP grant 2016/50016-9)

Plasma disturbances affect satellites and spacecraft and can cause serious problems to telecommunications and sensitive sensor systems on Earth. In order to predict such perturbances, a novel wavelet-based multi-resolution simulation solver for magneto-hydrodynamics has been developed in the parallel blockstructured adaptive mesh refinement framework AMROC, cf. Fig. 1. Such simulations are vital for predicting the interaction of solar wind activity with the Earth magnetic field and thereby the interference of ionized plasmas from the sun with modern communication satellite technology.

Fig 1: Steady-state magnetosphere predictions obtained, respectively, from northward- (top) and southward-oriented (bottom) interplanetary magnetic field using an adaptive mesh. Left: density solution (in n/cc) with magnetic field lines. Right: regions of adaptation levels.

Fig 1.
Fig 1.

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