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Research project: Managing coastal change with the National Trust - Dormant

Currently Active: 

Coasts are dynamic environments, but how will coastal change and sea-level rise affect our natural heritage?

National Trust land at Orfordness
National Trust land at Orfordness

Owning 1% of land in the England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the National Trust is committed to preserving and conserving landscapes and properties at risk, including the 10% of UK coast (excluding Scotland) which it owns. Some of these coastal landscapes are likely to be at risk due to climate change (including sea-level rise) and human activities.

Sally is spending six months working with the National Trust to transfer knowledge gained from NERC research project iCOASST. She will determine why coasts change by mapping different coastal features and understanding the geomorphic processes operating. Conceptual maps are helpful to understand how systems work, so that scientists can better communicate coastal systems to stakeholders. This should enable better decision making in coastal management and long-term planning, aligning with National Trust and government policies of shoreline management.

Sally will particularly be looking at Orfordness, Suffolk and Poole Harbour, Dorset.

Associated research themes

Coastal Engineering and Management

Related research groups

Energy and Climate Change
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