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The University of Southampton

Research project: Modelling wind flow, turbulence and dispersion in urban environments

Currently Active: 

As part of NERC’s National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), we are continuing efforts to model wind flows around buildings and through streets and the consequent dispersion of pollutants and heat transfer.

The work includes laboratory and computational studies of boundary layers over urban-type surfaces and is linked with other members of NCAS’s Weather Directorate, principally the Department of Meteorology at Reading University and the Environmental Flow Research Centre at the University of Surrey.

Both laboratory and computational studies are made on wind flow through generic urban canopies and field sites like the area surrounding Marylebone Road, London.

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for the Marylebone Road study) (DAPPLE), modeling the wind tunnel representation of the site.
View of computational domain
through an array of rectangular objects of different height. Wind aloft is from left to right.
Wind flow patterns
of the flow behind a building in an urban canopy.
Instantaneous snapshot
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