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Research project: Reduction of downhole friction by electrochemical methods - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

This study investigates the relationship between applied interfacial potentials, friction and wear for steel/steel tribo-contacts in alkaline aqueous-based solutions.

Project Overview

The experimental approach taken in this study utilises a pin-on-disc tribometer incorporating potentiostataic control of the disc between ±1.0 V overpotentials.  Post-test analysis includes the use of SEM, Alicona, TaiCaan and Talysurf to aid in understanding the tribological and electrochemical behaviour.

It was shown that when a friction modifying molecule was abosrbed onto the steel surface, significant reduction of friction and wear were obtained.  This absorption (or desorption) can be effectively controlled by the interfacial potential.


Conferences and events associated with this project:

Reduction of downhole friction
Reduction of downhole friction


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