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Research project: Synthesis and transport of nanoparticles in plasma spray coating - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

Computational modelling of turbulent flow, formation and transport of nanoparticles in plasma spray coating.

A simple and efficient numerical model describing the processes of nucleation, growth and transport of multi-component nanoparticles was developed. The approach was conceptually similar to the classical method of moments but could be applied to co-condensation of several substances. The processes of homogeneous nucleation, heterogeneous growth, and coagulations due to Brownian collisions were considered in combination with the convective and diffusive transport of particles and reacting gases within multi-dimensional geometries. The model was applied to the analysis of multi-component co-condensation of TaC nanoparticles within a DC plasma reactor.

System under consideration
Modelling of the gas flow. Results
2D results

Associated research themes

Fluid dynamics


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