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The University of Southampton

Research project: System requirements for low-cost energy-efficient algal biomass cultivation for biofuel production

Currently Active: 

Funded by the UK Carbon Trust

A key component in this is the requirement for carbon supplementation to maximise algal productivity in an open system. Innovative low-energy methods for carbon enrichment are being developed based on gas injection. The efficiency of these will be matched to the system demand for carbon in open channels where the controllable variables include flow depth and velocity. Both gas-lift systems that can also provide downstream mixing and innovative low-energy carbonation devices are being developed. Performance will be tested in practice using both laboratory rigs and large-scale test facilities. Carbon demand and conversion efficiency will be assessed in a pilot-scale open channel system able to simulate different surface areas and retention times. The work is being carried out within the framework of an integrated assessment of energy and carbon inputs.

University of Almeria
Aqualia SA

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Theme Water and Environment

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Water and Environmental Engineering Group
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