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The University of Southampton

Research project: Wave trapping by moving bodies - Dormant

Currently Active: 

Free surface motions that do not radiate waves.

When a body is oscillated in a water surface, or just beneath the surface, the motion is likely to generate waves. Neglecting energy losses due to viscosity, the power consumed in oscillating the body must match the power that is radiated away in the waves. However there exists a remarkable class of bodies and motions for which no waves are radiated. In these cases, in the absence of viscosity, no power would be needed to keep the motion going. In other words, the motion of a freely floating body, once started with the appropriate trajectory and frequency, would continue for ever.

This process is called wave trapping. Since it of some importance in predicting the loading and responses of a range of maritime structures, there exists a growing volume of mathematical literature on the subject, but virtually no account of any laboratory verification. In this project we are comparing measurements of waves radiated by various body motions with analytical predictions. Some interesting differences emerge.

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