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Welcome to our Acoustics research case studies

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Sound pervades virtually every aspect of human life.  At the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research we study how sound is generated, how it propagates in space, how it can be captured, manipulated, and controlled, and how it is perceived by humans and animals. We use this knowledge to create technologies that improve the way we record and reproduce the sound we like to hear, like speech or music.

We use passive and active control of sound and vibrations to reduce the noise we do not want to hear, like that generated by trains and aircrafts. We strive to improve the quality of life of people with hearing disabilities and help to create a better acoustic environment for humans and animals. We use sound to monitor and reduce carbon emissions and to locate objects underwater (sonar). We invent ways to use ultrasound and bubbles to clean objects and limited water consumption.

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Carbon capture

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is one important tool to reduce anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are using acoustics to ensure than that these storage sites do not leak.

Bubble acoustics

Bubble acoustics

Ultrasonic cleaning baths clean objects immersed in them using collapse cavitation, a violent process that will erode even metals.

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