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Welcome to our Transportation research case studies

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Transportation of physical goods and people is a critical part of our everyday lives. Our research aims to improve understanding of transportation across road and pavement, rail, air and maritime. We integrate real-world monitoring and experiments to build computational simulations and models that allow us to make better predictions and improve the efficiency of transport services spanning continent down to the list mile, reducing costs and making our transport networks cleaner, safer and more resilient.

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Road Safety in Low-Income Countries

Road safety is a major global concern. This research is reviewing road safety in low-income countries, with the aim to drive future research directions and solutions.

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Bringing back walking porters

As part of the FTC2050 project, we investigated the use of human porters for the ‘last-200m’ delivery of parcels, reducing the need for vans by decoupling the motorised transport from the delivery.

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Forecasting Passenger Numbers

Our integrated rail passenger demand and station choice model can quickly and accurately forecast passenger numbers for proposed new railway stations at any site in Great Britain.

Fig 6

On track

Our research is creating a step-change in the engineering, economic and environmental performance of railway track.

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Promoting partnerships

Our researchers developed a partnership approach to promote local sustainable transport, and are helping to develop monitoring and evaluation to assess the delivery of a more sustainable transport system.

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