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MEng Mechanical Engineering Option Modules Year 4

The following are typical option modules that you could take in the fourth year of your MEng Mechanical Engineering course.

In addition, some courses have recommended specialist options. All options are available subject to timetabling restrictions. Some may also require that you have studied certain modules or subjects already. Not all options may be offered every year. You may want to discuss choices with your tutor beforehand.

Year 4

CENV6141 Bioenergy

ELEC3201 Robotic systems

FEEG3001 Finite Element Analysis in Solid Mechs

FEEG3002 Vehicle Powertrain, Noise and Vibration

FEEG3004 Human Factors in Engineering

FEEG6002 Advanced Computational Methods I

FEEG6004 Aeroacoustics

FEEG6005 Applications of CFD

FEEG6007 Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Systems 1

FEEG6008 Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Systems 2

FEEG6009 Design Search and Optimisation

FEEG6010 Advanced Finite Element Analysis

FEEG6011 Architectural and Building Acoustics

ISVR3061 Human Responses to Sound and Vibration

ISVR3063 Musical Instrument Acoustics

ISVR3064 Noise Control Engineering

ISVR6130 Signal Processing

ISVR6133 Advanced Vibration

ISVR6136 Fundamentals of Acoustics

ISVR6137 Electroacoustics

ISVR6138 Biomedical Applications of Signal and Image

ISVR6139 Active Control of Sound and Vibration

ISVR6142 Numerical Methods for Acoustics

LANGxxxx Language

LAWS3130 Industrial Law

MANG6045 Consultancy Skills

MANG6119 Introduction to Knowledge and Information Systems Management

MANG6130 Strategic Management

MANG6143 Project Risk Management

MANG6247 Information Systems Management and Strategy

MANG6273 Managing within a Global Context

MANG6315 Principles of Supply Chain Management

MANG6318 Advanced Management

MATH3081 Operational Research

MATH3082 Optimization

MATH6141 Numerical Methods

SESA3026 Aircraft Structural Design

SESA6061 Turbulence: Physics and modelling

SESA6064 Aircraft Structures

SESA6066 Biological Flow

SESA6067 Flow Control

SESA6072 Race Car

SESA6074 Hypersonic & High Temperature Gas Dynamics

SESA6075 Aircraft Propulsion

SESA6077 Aeroelasticity

SESG3019 Teaching and Communication and the UG Ambassador Scheme

SESG3024 Manufacturing and Materials

SESG6034 Surface Engineering

SESG6035 Advanced Sensors and Condition Monitoring

SESG6036 Advanced Control Design

SESG6039 Composite Engineering Design and Mechanics

SESG6040 Failure of materials and components

SESG6042 Microstructural Engineering for Transport Applications

SESG6044 Microstructural and Surface Characterisation

SESM3028 Biomaterials

SESM3029 Engineering Design with Management

SESM3030 Control and Instrumentation

SESM3031 Automobile Systems

SESM3032 Heat Transfer and Applications

SESM3033 Orthopaedic Biomechanics

SESM6032 Sustainable energy systems, resources and usage

SESM6033 Tribological Engineering

SESM6034 Advanced Electrical Systems

SESM6035 Bio, Nano and Modelling Aspects of Tribology

SESM6036 Biomedical Implants and Devices

SESM6037 Automotive Propulsion

SESM6038 Computational methods in biomedical engineering design

SESM6040 Thermo-fluid engineering for low-carbon energy

SESS3025 Marine Engineering

SESS6063 Advances in Ship Resistance and Propulsion

SESS6067 Renewable energy from environmental flows

SESS6068 Marine Safety and Environmental Engineering

SESS6070 Offshore Engineering & Analysis


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