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Kirsty Bolton PhD English

Kirsty Bolton's Photo

Hi I am Kirsty Bolton studying PhD English.

Southampton has an excellent reputation for medieval studies and I developed my PhD proposal with Professor Catherine Clarke, who I was excited to work with.

What were you anxious about before coming to Southampton, and once here were these fears overcome?

I already lived in Southampton before commencing my research, so there wasn’t too much settling in to do!  There is a good community of research students on Avenue campus, though, who made me feel welcome.

What is it like studying here?

My experience is somewhat unusual, as I am a parent as well as a PhD student, which means a lot of juggling!  My supervisors are supportive of my individual requirements, but I don’t feel that the university caters well for student parents and I find it difficult to attend all the training, seminars, and events that I would like to.

How do you rate study facilities at the University, such as the Library?

The library is great, as are the librarians.  I love interlibrary loans!

What have been your Southampton ‘highlights’ (best experiences) so far?

I have enjoyed serving as Editor of the PGR-student-run academic journal, Emergence.  Coming from a publishing career, it fit well with my skills, and it was an important experience for my future academic career.

What are you enjoying most about your course?

Academic research is invigorating!  I love working with respected contributors in my field and being involved in academic dialogue.

Do you have any idea of what you would like to do in the future?

I want to be a university lecturer and researcher.  Being involved in research and teaching in Humanities has given me a better understanding of what this will involve.

What advice would you offer to potential students?

Get involved, as much as you can!  There are so many opportunities, you might find your true passion or next adventure where you least expect it.

Do you like living in Southampton?

Southampton is a fantastic city to leave!  As in, there is so much on its doorstep – the beach, the New Forest, Winchester, the Isle of Wight.  For a metropolitan city, you’re never very far away from nature.

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