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What our students think

Photo of Yasmin Afnan

My ambition is to become an English teacher at secondary school level, and I really want to be as enthusiastic and passionate about English as my lecturers have been here.

Yasmin Afnan - BA English Literature
Photo of Mark Aldridge

The support offered by the university stood me in good stead for my career following my studies. Since leaving I have delivered papers at several international conferences and published two books.

Mark Aldridge - BA Film and English, MA and PhD Film Studies
Photo of Stephen David Watkins

I love the department. I think that we have one of the best, most enthusiastic, most cohesive departments in the country, and I think that they really show their enthusiasm for their subject.

Stephen David Watkins - BA English Literature
Photo of Annabel Dilks

The system of choosing modules by preference has allowed me to avoid studying subjects I don’t enjoy and specialise in areas I am really interested in or that I have not studied before

Annabel Dilks - BA English
Photo of Ella Dove

The staff are extremely approachable, always willing to give up their time and organise extra one-to-one sessions with us if we need help. I think Southampton is unique in terms of student-staff rapport, I have not encountered another university with such a level of friendliness and support.

Ella Dove - BA English and French
Photo of Lauren Fraser

I recently completed a six week internship at Gulf News in Dubai which I enjoyed thoroughly. I conducted interviews, attended press releases and wrote a load of articles which were published in the paper. This was great experience for me and a fabulous opportunity. Getting my name in print exceeded any expectation I had for the internship, and my University of Southampton place certainly helped secure the internship!

Lauren Fraser - BA English
Photo of Alexandra Kent

Supported by the knowledgeable, brilliant faculty, I learnt how to think analytically, to justify my arguments with sound reasoning and approach discussion with an open mind – a skill that has been invaluable in allowing me to hold my own in meetings and consult clients strategically. I think, therefore I am employable!

Alexandra Kent - BA English and Philosophy
Photo of Robert McWhirter

I’m never tied down to doing something that doesn’t interest me and there’s a real focus of coming up with your own argument on a topic. If a topic fascinates you, you can go away, focus on a part of it, research it further and then start coming up with your own ideas. I love having this kind of freedom

Robert McWhirter - BA English
Photo of Siobhan O'Reilly

English is such a broad subject, you can find yourself discussing Freud, Wind in the Willows, the French Revolution and Alfred Hitchcock in the same week.

Siobhan O'Reilly - BA English
Photo of Natasha Onwuemezi

I chose Southampton because the English course is one of the best in the country – as are the lecturers. I also absolutely loved the campus.

Natasha Onwuemezi - BA English
Photo of Annie Partridge

I would absolutely recommend other people come here to study. The Union is a really welcoming place, no matter what hobby you're into, there's a place for you to go.

Annie Partridge - English
Photo of Beth Stephens

Through the University's Careers and Employability Service, I recently managed to secure an internship at a literary agency.

Beth Stephens - BA English
Photo of Rachel Stockey

No one can tell you which university is right for you, but if you want a course with flexibility and variety, if you want to be located on a beautiful campus with an active students' union and you want to feel part of a really inclusive and exciting community then look no further than Southampton

Rachel Stockey - BA English
Photo of Lisa Thompson

The course looked amazing, and there are loads of great options to choose from in your second and third year so you can do things you really enjoy. It's interesting, challenging and lots of fun, and I've really enjoyed it!

Lisa Thompson - BA Film and English
Photo of David Tully

I love my degree programme! The thing I like most about it is the range of different texts which I get to read – no two modules so far have been the same and it’s not always material that I would have read for myself which makes it very interesting.

David Tully - BA English and French
Photo of Thomas Wallace

The English department are really friendly, helpful and passionate about their fields of interest. As a course rep last year I was a part of board of school meetings where it became clear how focused the staff are in constantly improving English and tackling problems that arise. You always feel that there is someone you can talk to if you have any questions, and tutors are always prompt in replying to emails!

Thomas Wallace - BA English, MA Creative Writing
Photo of Caroline Wyatt

The most important part of my degree was being taught how to learn and how to research thoroughly. This has been incredibly important. More practically, of course, my qualification in German helped me to get my first posting with the BBC to Berlin.

Caroline Wyatt - BA English and German
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