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The University of Southampton
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International writing in schools

Our International Writing in Schools workshops encourage students to think in imaginative ways about the relationship between language, literary form and different cultures.

Stories, poems and drama help us to think about other cultures and histories that have been forgotten or marginalised. From 1001 Nights and Robinson Crusoe to the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Salman Rushdie, literary texts tell us something about the social and cultural worlds they represent.We in turn as readers and writers are transformed by cultural encounters with difference. International Writing in Schools aims to transform the reading and writing minds of your pupils through a series of workshops with third-year English undergraduates who will come to your classroom during the Spring term, from February to May.In brief, the module involves:


Poetry and Music Workshops 2011
Creative Writing with poet Joe Coelho
Creative Writing Workshop 2013
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