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The University of Southampton
English Teachers’ Network

Teaching Shakespeare

Engaging and entertaining us for over 400 years, Shakespearean drama explores what it means to be human. As Shakespeare's language is fundamental to this exploration, we are offering undergraduate-led workshops that commit your pupils to a greater interaction with, and hence understanding of, the dynamics of this language.

Running from November onwards, the Teaching Shakespeare workshops aim to physicalize Shakespeare's language through drama-based activities. With two students coming to your classroom at your request, with four weeks' notice required, the workshops run for three lessons, once per week on Wednesdays. We are currently offering workshops on The Tempest or Macbeth, although other plays and possibly other times can be provided at your request.

The bard

It was great to see the pupils work so well with the activities that we had devised in the University seminars.

Getting out of the classroom and thinking about the play in a physical sense really helped me understand the different emotions Shakespeare wanted portrayed at that particular moment.

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