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The University of Southampton
Estates and Facilities

Our Policies

Here are our policies and procedures.

General Policies

Estates and Facilities Health & Safety Policy

Estates and Facilities Health & Safety Manual - how we deal with specific topics

Asbestos Policy - how asbestos is managed at the University of Southampton

Control of Contractors - how we ensure that we employ safe and competent consultants and contractors


Standard Specifications

Here are standard specifications. You need to use them as requested when undertaking projects. To view these documents click on the relevant document title listed below:


Standard Specifications
Document No. Title Revision Date
ES/001 Quality Standard, Mechanical To follow
ES/002 Quality Standard, Electrical To follow
ES/003 Liaison Briefing Notes for Consultant & Liaison Engineers 29/01/14
ES/004 Briefing Notes for Mechanical Services To follow
ES/005 Briefing Notes for Electrical Services 21/01/14
ES/006 Briefing Notes for Energy Conservation 30/01/08
ES/007 Standard Lift Specification 19/07/11
ES/008 Briefing Notes for B M S 31/01/06
ES/009 Loop Alarm Standard for Electrical Equipment To follow
ES/010 Standard for Public Work Stations To follow
ES/011 Electrical Circuits for CAB/file servers 02/02/06
ES/013 As built documentation 02/02/06
ES/014 Designer Risk Assessments To follow
ES/017 Lift Hand Over Document 13/02/06
ES/018 Domestic Heating Installation 23/07/10
ES/019 Domestic Electrical Installation 23/07/10
ES/020 Washroom and Toilets 30/01/08
ES/021 Automatic Metering System 08/02/13
ES/022 Briefing Notes for Asset Labelling 09/11/12
ES/023 Entrances Design Briefing Notes FIND THIS 20/02/14
ES/024 Contractor Behaviour and Conduct Requirement Briefing 14/04/14
ES/025 Access Control Systems 22/07/14
ES/026 Automatic Door Systems 22/07/14
ES/027 CCTV specification To follow


Cad Standards
Document No. Title Revision Date
Not applicable AutoCAD Drawing standards 18/12/14
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