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Skip hire

Please log your request on Planon Self Service to request a skip. Please provide the details of the type and size of container you require. These are classified by type and volume: skips are 4.6, 6.1, 9.2, and 12.2 cu.metres.

You must provide an accurate and detailed description of the waste you intend to put in the skip and your departmental cost code number. Without both of these your request cannot be processed.

Any skips containing combustible materials should be placed at least 10m from any building. If this is not feasible and they have to be placed less than 10m, then the skip should have a lockable lid that must be locked at the end of each day. All skips should be covered and locked when not in use and the person managing the skip is responsible for ensuring it is locked. If there is a specific reason why you do not want a lockable skip please let the Helpdesk know.

You must indicate where you plan to put the skip and who will manage it, i.e. lock it at the end of the day.

If you are unable to manage the skip delivery locally, the External Services team will either meet the skip lorry at delivery or do a survey before delivery and mark the location position for the skip.

Special Notes:

The mixing of non-hazardous and hazardous waste is banned under the Landfill Regulations 2002. If hazardous waste is found in a general waste skip, the whole contents are classified as hazardous waste and you will be charged appropriately for the higher costs of disposal.

The following are now classified as hazardous waste and must not be placed in any skip or other waste containers: fridges and freezers, motor vehicle tyres, oils, oily rags, tree roots, asbestos, chemicals, computer monitors, fluorescent tubes, batteries and paint tins, although this is not an exhaustive list.

It is, therefore, essential that those ordering and in control of the skip must report any variation in actual content from the original description both to External Services and to the driver of the collection vehicle ensuring that the waste transfer note is accurately completed before the skip is taken off site. Any un-notified materials put in the skip could result in it being returned to us or, at best, substantially increased costs incurred for the extra sorting, handling and transport involved.

Those responsible for skip management must ensure:

The details required on a waste transfer note are:

You must legally retain a copy for at least two years and send a copy to E&F External Services.

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