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The University of Southampton
Fundamental Care

Research project: The effect of low frequency ultrasound on urinary catheter biofilms

Currently Active: 

Developing new methods for avoiding and reducing catheter-associated urinary tract infection, biofilm formation and catheter blockage using ultrasound.

The Nanovibronix Uroshield has been developed to prevent catheter blockages and biofilm, resulting in improved patient outcomes and reduction in healthcare costs. The Uroshield uses a low frequency ultrasonic acoustic wave and is the only technology currently available to use this approach.

Working with our team, several studies are underway:

  • Controlled laboratory assessment on the effects on catheter biofilms using an artificial bladder model system.
  • A patient study using a combination of culture-based, imaging and 16S RNA sequencing techniques to study microbial diversity and abundance pre- and post-Uroshield in long-term indwelling catheter users.
  • Qualitative assessment on the use of the Uroshield.

Data from this study will be used for product development and improvement. Additionally, the study will inform applications being made for NHS uptake and FDA approvals.


National Biofilms Innovation Centre


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