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Dr Sofia Bull 

Ethics Rep (Semester 1), Marketing and Web (Semester 1),Senior Tutor

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Dr Sofia Bull is Lecturer in Film at the University of Southampton.

I graduated from Stockholm University (Sweden) with a PhD in Cinema Studies in 2012 and have been a visiting doctoral student at King's College London (2008-2009) and Queen Mary, University of London (2010-2011). Before starting at University of Southampton in 2015 I worked as Assistant Professor in film and television studies at University of Gothenburg (Sweden), as well as conducting two postdoctoral research projects: the first at the Women Film Pioneers Project, Columbia University and the second at the Department of Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick. My research and teaching covers both film and television, but I have a particular expertise in medico-scientific discourses on television. My PhD thesis examined science, biomedicine and genetics in forensic crime dramas, particularly CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and I'm the author of Television and the Genetic Imaginary (Palgrave, 2018).

Television and the Genetic Imaginary
Television and the Genetic Imaginary

Research interests

My main research interests lie within the field of television studies, with a particular focus on questions of genre, style and cultural context. I am especially concerned with televisual figurations of popular discourses on science, medicine, genetics, and corporeality. I continue to research the history of crime dramas and medical reality TV across the UK, US and Scandinavian television landscapes, and I'm currently developing new projects on (1) the visual culture of reproduction and (2) the tension between scientific reasoning and intuition in contemporary crime television.

My monograph, Television and the Genetic Imaginary (Palgrave, 2019), examines the complex ways in which television articulates ideas about DNA in the early 21st century, across a wide range of US and UK programmes. From science documentaries, science fiction serials and crime procedurals, to family history programmes, sitcoms and reality shows, I consider television's distinct aesthetic and narrative forms, as well as its specific cultural roles. Identifying TV as a key site for the genetic imaginary, this book addresses the key themes of complexity and kinship, which function as nodes around which older essentialist notions about the human genome clash with newly emergent post-genomic sensibilities.

In addition, I also conduct research within the field of feminist film history, with a particular focus on the silent era. I have worked as a co-editor of the Overview Essays Section of the Women Film Pioneers Project's online publication and I have a particular interest in early female film workers in Sweden, particularly the work of the prolific inter-title designer Alva Lundin.

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I have been teaching film and television studies since 2007. At University of Southampton I'm the convenor of "Debates in Television Studies" and "Introduction to Film: European Cinema". I'm in the process of developing the new module: "Crime TV: Technologies of Detection".

Dr Sofia Bull
University of Southampton
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Room Number: 65/1079

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