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Film Part of Humanities Undergraduate study

Employability Facts and Figures

A Film degree extends beyond just the study of film, the skills that you gain can be used in a variety of careers after you graduate. In fact, in the recent 2013 DLHE survey 86% of Film students were in either employment or further study within the first 6 months of graduating; with graduates going to work for companies like the BBC, the Picture Production Company and Warner Brothers.

Careers facts

The careers available to film graduates extend far beyond the film industry, though these jobs are wholly available if you are ambitious and utilise your degree effectively as a platform. Graduates who have studied an academic film degree may like to enter journalism or publishing, perhaps editing online Film websites or writing Film reviews for a newspaper.

Business areas, such as advertising, marketing and communications also appreciate the creative and analytical abilities of film graduates in roles such as art directors, copywriters and market researchers.

Southampton Film Graduates

A film degree is valuable to many employers as it combines skills from the academic and the more practical aspects of the course. You have to be able to analyse and criticise different types of films throughout your degree, gaining skills which are ideal for any job; including those outside the film industry.

One of our graduates now works as a runner for the BBC

With the skill set you get from a film degree you will be able to apply for careers that are not necesserily associated with film. Over half of our graduates have gone into careers outside of the film industry, but still use their education everyday. Some of the more common roles that students from the 2013 cohort have gone into are: business and research; sales; administrative positions; education.

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