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Reclaiming Expenses - Non University Personnel

Before expenditure is made

The University of Southampton will only pay expenses to a visitor where these expenses were agreed before the expenditure was undertaken.

All expenses must be in line with the University's Financial Regulations, Policies and Procedures.

Download the guidance leaflet which covers some of the common areas of expenses for visitors. Please speak with your University contact if you need further clarification.

Claiming expenses


Contractors supplying goods or completing services for the University should ensure that any expenses for travelling are included in their original quote and are part of the invoice for the goods or services.

External Examiners

External examiners should follow the guidance and use the expense form that is available for download in the Quality Handbook.

Research volunteers, lay participants & participants in clinical trials

Please speak with your University contact should you need to claim any expenses and they will provide you with the correct form to use.

UniWorkforce and Agency workers

Please follow the guidance on the internal  Finance SharePoint site for details of how to claim expenses.

Non University Personnel

Non University Personnel (other than those listed above) should complete the 
AP04 Travel & Expense form Non-University Personnel (Visitors) for reimbursement of travelling and expenses.

When completing the form, the Account Code (4 digits) should be entered as either:

3515 -  UK related travel expenses (Visitor) OR

3525 - Overseas related travel expenses (Visitor)

Interview expenses

Claims for interview mileage are calculated at 23p per mile.

If you have had previous payments from the University or are expecting to receive regular payments in the future then you may have already been set up with a visitor or supplier id in the format 7nnnnnn or Vnnnnnnn.  In this case, please quote your visitor/supplier number and any claim will be made to the bank details that we already hold. 

If you have not been set up with a visitor/supplier number then you must provide us with details about where to make your payment on the Bank Information Form.

Your claim can’t be paid without either a visitor/supplier id or a completed Bank Information Form.

You will need to collect receipts relating to your claim to show proof of payment. The receipts should show clearly, exactly what the payment was for and that payment was made. In some cases you will need to provide additional evidence of spend.


Top tips to help get your claim processed quickly


Payment times and information

The claim and receipts will be checked within 10 working days of receipt of the claim by the Expenses Team. This will result in either:

If you have not yet received payment

In the first instance please speak to your University contact to find out when the form was approved and passed for payment.


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