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The University of Southampton
Social Sciences Faculty International Office

Autumn Partner Online Promotion

Published: 24 November 2022

In November 2022, the Faculty International Office of Social Sciences successfully completed a 3-week Faculty International Partners Autumn Promotion Series.

A big thank you to our colleagues, the Directors of Internationalisation in Faculty of Social Sciences Prof Stephan Onggo (Southampton Business School), Dr. Jan Podivinsky (School of Economic, Social and Political Sciences), Dr. Carlos Lobo (School of Mathematical Sciences), Dr. Haris Psarras (Southampton Law School) and Prof Sabu Padmadas (Associate Dean International for Social Sciences). With their help we have hosted a dozen of wonderful partner events.

I am sure that the past weeks have been a whirlwind of work to all of us.  We started each morning by talking for hours to an international institution and students in India, China, Indonesia, etc. But how exuberant it was to be able to connect with over 450 partners students, to share with them the highlight of our programmes and how we could support their study journey. Some of our talks were broadcast through online streaming platforms, which brought us another 1000 audience.

Thanks you for this great team work. We have made impact wide and far, but what’s more important, the curiosity that we have sparked in the young minds will brighten the paths of their future.

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