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Dr Bradley L. Garrett PhD

Visiting Academic

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Dr Bradley L. Garrett is a Visiting Academic in Human Geography within Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton. As an experimental geographer, his research uses audio/visual methods to explore human relationships with place.

One key driver for geographical videomaking specifically is the medium’s recognised value for moving us beyond the textual and representational.


Bradley L Garrett joined the department in September 2014 following a 2-year post-doctoral position at the University of Oxford. He holds a BS in Anthropology and BA in History from the University of California Riverside (2003), an MA in Maritime Archaeology from James Cook University in Australia (2005) and PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London (2012).

His PhD research was a multimedia ethnography with urban explorers interested in forgotten and off-limits places in cities. His first monograph, Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City (Verso Books, 2013), is an account of his adventures trespassing into ruins, tunnels and skyscrapers in eight different countries and has been translated into Korean by Medeci Media and Japanese by Seidosha.

In 2014, he published Subterranean London: Cracking the Capital (Prestel Publishing / Random House), a photographic dissection of what lies underneath the streets of London, layer by layer. 2016 marks the release of the final book in his urban exploration triptych; London Rising: Illicit Photos from the City’s Heights (Prestel Publishing / Random House), which documents the social, infrastructural and corporate verticalities of the city. Dr Garrett also recently published Undergrounds: Exploring our cities within, which he co-edited with Dr Carlos López Galviz and Dr Paul Dobraszczyk (Reaktion Books / Yale University Press 2016).

Dr Garrett regularly writes for popular press and currently pens a column for Guardian Cities (UK) on public space. His research has been featured on media outlets worldwide including the BBC (UK), ABC (Australia), and Time Magazine (USA). In 2015, he was the recipient of Outstanding Early Career Alumni award from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia.



Research interests


Dr Garrett’s research interests revolve around ethnography, spatial politics, subversion, heritage, place, urbanity, ruins, waste and creative (mostly audio/visual) methods. All of Brad's past, current and future projects work to reveal, through embodied engagement, hidden, overlooked and forgotten environments, places and histories.

Dr Garrett has been working for the past year on a research project to map and use public space in London, which he announced in a TEDx talk in 2015. He is also currently writing a paper on drones as research methodology with Dr Karen Anderson at the University of Exeter, working on an audio/visual project about the materiality of internet data with Dr Adam Fish from Lancaster University and putting together a project on the relationship between sound and the city funded by the Wellcome Collection.


Research group

Economy, Society and Governance

Affiliate research groups

Visiting Research Associate, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford (2014-2016), Urbanist in Residence, University of Vienna (2016)


Chair of Ethics in Geography

Public Relations Advisor for Geography



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Book Chapters


Practising Human Geographical Research (Amsterdam Fieldtrip)

Cultural Geographies

Experimental Geographies

Bradley Garrett meeting with the public in London


2016 - Book launch: ‘Global Undergrounds’, UCL Urban Laboratory, with Paul Dobraszczyk, Carlos López Galviz and Harriet Hawkins (discussant) 14th June.

2016Space Probe Alpha (organized with Anna Minton), featuring London Green Party Mayoral candidate Siân Berry, comedian Mark Thomas, writer Will Self, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Daniel Raven-Ellison and Liberal Democrat Lord Clement-Jones, 13th February 12-2pm.

2016‘London Rising’, Balham Literary Festival, Running Riot in the City, London, 12th June

2016 - ‘Place hacking and local politics’, JNL Baker Society, Jesus College Oxford, 4th May.

2016 - ‘The limits of exploration’, South Kensington Explorer Club, London, 1st March.

2016 - ‘Reading the Neoliberal City’, Guest Lecture for Anna Minton, Architecture Department, University of East London, 18th February.

2015 - A public lecture from Will Self, University of Southampton Geography and Environment, 1st May 2015, 6pm (hosting).

2015 - ‘Place Hacking Cities’ 16th Media Art Biennale WRO, Wrocław, Poland, 2nd – 5th December.

2015 - ‘London Rising’, Vertical Cities conference, Université Lyon 2 Lumière, Lyon, France, 25th-27th November.

2015 - ‘Will Self on the Life and Work of JG Ballard’, Bristol Festival of Ideas, 18th-20th November (chair).

2015 - ‘Place-hack your city’, Bristol Festival of Ideas, 18th-20th November.

2015 - ‘Thinking about Cities’ Bristol Festival of Ideas, 18th-20th November.

2015 - ‘Senate House Revealed’, Talking Underground Symposium, Senate House Library, Being Human Festival 13th November.

2015 - ‘Occupying public space’, Skeptics in the Pub, Newcastle, 11th November.

2015 - ‘Place hack your city’, Lost Lectures Series, London, 6th November.

2015 - ‘Urban exploration as heritage placemaking’, Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton, 22nd October.

2015 - ‘Place hack your city’, WIRED Next Generation, London, 17th October.

2015 - ‘Urban exploration as heritage placemaking’, Department of Archaeology, University of York, 6th October.

2015 - ‘Urban Exploration in Cartel Country’, Kindness of Strangers charity event for the for Calais migrant camps, London Irish Centre, 30th September 2015. Raised £7500 in charity drive.

2015‘Time-spaces of Urban Infrastructures’ Planned Violence Seminar Series, “The Cost of Urban Violence”, University of Oxford, 24th & 25th September.

2015'Uncovering the city: Urban writing seminar', Guardian Masterclass, The Guardian (London offices), 23rd May, 2015, 10am-4pm

2015 - ‘Mapping the out-of-bounds city’ with Laura Oldfield Ford and Stephen Walter, Living Maps Seminar Series, Birkbeck University, 6-8pm, 12th May.

2015 - ‘What is left to explore?’, meeting of the Southern Region committee of the Royal Geographical Society, University of Southampton, 29th April.

2015 - ‘Mapping all the Public Space in London’ TEDx Southampton, Nuffield Theatre, University of Southampton, 25th April 2015.

2015 - ‘Place hacking sociology’, BSA Regional Postgraduate Day, University of Liverpool, 2nd April.

2015 - ‘Senses of place in place hacking’, Place Symposium Keynote, University of Exeter, Falmouth Campus, Cornwall 27th March.

2015 - Psychogeography guest lecture for Will Self, Brunel, University of London, 23th March.

2015 - Experimental Geographies, Critical Topics in Urban Studies Module, University of Vienna, 5th March.

2015 - Secret city, Salon for the City, Antique Beat presents London at the Library, London, 26th February.

2015 - The Hidden Heritage of London, Reimagine London: What if we made London a National Park? London Southbank Centre, 24th February.

2015 - Visual ethnography in action: negotiating ethics with recreational trespassers, Ethics in a Complex World seminar series, University of Southampton, 23rd February.

2014 - Aesthetics, Bodies and Action in London’s Sewers, Manchester Metropolitan University Seminar Series, 11th December.

2014 - Bodies, technology, and the edgework of urban exploration, Newcastle College, UK, 4th December.

2014 - Urban exploration: Embodied images, University of Manchester Guest Lecture in Art History for Paul Dobraszczyk, 21st November.

2014 - The art of living dangerously in the city of Paranoia, Urban Encounters 2014: Movements/Mobilities/Migrations, Tate Britain, 24th-25th October, with an urban walk from 14.00-16.00, 24th October.

2014 - Explore everything, Off the Shelf Festival of Words, 7pm, Arundel Room, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, 23rd October.

2014 - Security subversions, in conversation with Anna Minton at the London Southbank Centre, 12th October.

2014Trespass is good for cities, TEDxVienna CITYx ‘Brave New Space’ panel, 25th September.

2014Move along: engineering architectural exclusion, Middlesex University, Bodies + Space Conference, 18th-19th September.

2014When less security means more creativity, Google Zeitgeist annual summit, Phoenix, Arizona, 15th-17th September.

2014Place hacking the city, Inspire: Exploration panel, Brisbane Writers Festival, Brisbane, Australia, 6th September.

2014Living dangerously (panel discussion with Lydia Cacho and Masha Gessen), Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia, 31st August 3:45-4:45pm.

2014Place-hack your city, Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia, 30th August.

2014Place hacking the city, Melbourne Writer’s Festival, Melbourne, 29th August, 7:30pm.

2014Out of the dock, Trespassing in Fieldwork Symposium, St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford, 3rd June.

2014Art and activism in urban exploration, University of Swansea, 24th March.

2014Psychogeography guest lecture for Will Self, Brunel, University of London, 10th March.

2014Urban Edges, Charity lecture for St Christopher’s Hospice with Neil Gresham and Sebastian Foucan, The House of St. Barnabus, 4th march.

2014(Re)locating the hidden city: Infiltrating off-limits heritage spaces, University of Nottingham, 27th February.

2014Place-hacking architecture: under, over and in-between everyday space, Canterbury School of Architecture, 10th February.

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Dr Bradley L. Garrett
Building 44 University of Southampton University Road Southampton SO17 1BJ

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