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Geography and Environmental Science
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Dr Kate Parks BSc(hons), PGCE, MSc, PhD

Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr Kate Parks's photo

Dr Kate Parks is a Senior Teaching Fellow in GIS within Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton.

My current research centres on using spatial modelling to understand how the physical environment influences people’s wellbeing and the potential impacts of environmental change on those relationships. The majority of my research has focussed on tropical systems – although I am also interested in the ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure within UK urban areas. I completed both my MSc in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management and my PhD in Physical Geography at King’s College, London, under the supervision of Dr Mark Mulligan. Prior to joining the Centre for Environmental Science at Southampton, I was a lecturer at Kingston University, working in their Centre for GIS.

Research interests

Socio-ecological niche modelling

I am involved in a collaborative project with researchers from the University of Southampton, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, King’s College London and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology which aims to explore the potential for using social and ecological variables to establish whether there are distinct socio-ecological niches (SENs) which are consistently co-located with the same (set of) ecosystem service(s). Preliminary analyses are exploring the co-variance of social and ecological variables with ecosystem services in well mapped regions. I will be exploring the possibilities for mapping SENS within tropical countries.


I am keen to further my PhD research which focused on developing and testing a spatial implementation of a resource-based metric of geodiversity, exploring the links between geodiversity and biodiversity, and the potential applications of geodiversity in terms of developing a climate change robust protected area network. Future avenues would involve further development of the model to include temperate and non-mountainous regions, as well as incorporating a social component into the model. This would enable me to continue to collaborate with Mark Mulligan at King’s College, London, and will also tie in to the socio-ecological niche modelling outlined above.

Urban green space and infrastructure

I am interested in how people use and value urban green space, and in particular developing methods for mapping the quality of urban green space. A recent paper used GIS to explore the extent to which front gardens (private green space) had been converted to hard-standing for parking, and the impacts that this may have had on drainage. I am also interested in the value of public green space – both in terms of tangible services such as drainage, but also in terms of the health and wellbeing benefits offered by high quality urban green space – and barriers that may prevent different groups accessing this resource.



Research group

Landscape Dynamics and Ecology (LDE)

Affiliate research group

Centre for Environmental Sciences

Programme Lead for the MSc Environmental Management Programme. If you are interested in applying, please visit

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Code Title Role
ENVS1004 Environmental Science: Concepts and Communication Lecturer
ENVS1006 Environmental Science: Research and Applications Lecturer
ENVS1007 Environmental Science: Field Techniques and Applications Lecturer
ENVS2008 GIS for Environmental Scientists Coordinator
ENVS3015 GIS - Environmental Functions and Applications Coordinator
ENVS3016 Natural Resource Governance (UG version) Lecturer
ENVS6027 Natural Resource Governance (PGT version) Lecturer
ENVS6032 Geographical Information Systems Coordinator
ENVS6033 GIS for Engineers Coordinator
CENV6162 Water Resources Planning and Management Lecturer
FEEG3003 Individual Project Supervisor
FEEG6012 MSc Research Project Supervisor
ENVS6009 Advanced Research Project Supervisor



Dr Kate Parks
Building 44 University of Southampton University Road Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 44/2055

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