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Professor Peter Atkinson BSc, PhD, MBA, FRSS, FRGS, FRSPS

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Professor Peter Atkinson is Visiting Professor within Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton.

Peter M. Atkinson is currently Visiting Professor in Geography and Environmental Science. He was a member of staff in the School of Geography, University of Southampton from 1994 to 2015 and Head of the School from 2007 to 2012.


B.Sc. (Geography) University of Nottingham 1986

Ph.D. (Optimal Sampling Strategies for Remote Sensing Investigations) University of Sheffield (NERC CASE award with Rothamsted Experimental Station) 1990

M.BA. (Distinction) University of Southampton 2012


1989 - 1990 Logica (Remote Sensing Analyst)

1990 - 1993 University of Bristol (Leverhulme PDRA)

1994 - 1999 University of Southampton (Lecturer)

1999 - 2002 University of Southampton (Reader)

2002 - 2015 University of Southampton (Professor)

2007 - 2011 Head of School of Geography

2011 - 2012 Head of Geography and Environmental Science

2011 - 2013 Associate Director REF Strategy

2015 - date University of Lancaster (Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology)




Research interests

My research interests focus on the application of spatial statistical, geostatistical and spatial process modelling approaches to environmental problems and hazards. I have focused on three main areas of interest:

  • Spatial epidemiology including risk mapping using environmental and socio-economic covariates, disease transmission modelling, health management information systems
  • Modelling hydrological and geomorphological processes and environmental hazards such as flooding, landsliding, air pollution
  • Spatial downscaling of remote sensing imagery for various goals including information handling, land cover classification, change detection
PhD supervision
Date PhD student
2012- Simon Alderton, Funding: EPSRC. 
2012- Victor Alegana, Funding: Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC REF: KECS 2012 601).
2012-  Caio Barbosa, Funding: Brazilian Ministry of Education. 
2012-  Julio Pastor Guzman, Funding: CONACyT scholarship. (CONACyT 25567446)
2012-  Lingquan Zhou, Funding: Self-funded. 
2012- Sarchil Qader, Funding: Kurdistan government.
2012-  Richard Blake, Funding: Engineering Sciences. 
2011-   Saad Rahoojo, Funding: Pakistani government. 
2011-  Nabaz Khwarahm, Funding: Iraqi government. 
2011-   John Duncan, Funding: Geography and Environment. 
2010-  Seyed Kia, Funding: EU External Action. 
2010- Yordi Belayneh (registered Sussex), Funding: BBSRC.
2010- Albert Mugenyi (registered Edinburgh), Funding: BBSRC.
2010-   Joanna Kuleszo, Funding: Geography and Environment and Edinburgh University. 
2010- Mirianna Budimir, Funding: Geography and Environment and Faculty of Engineering and Environment. 
2010- Idham Khalil, Funding: Malaysian government.
2010-  Rizal Osman, Funding: Malaysian government.
2010- Marion Foley-Fisher, Funding: Veterinary Lab. Agency (VLA) (Project SC1015). 
2010- Mohammed Al-Ahmadi, Funding: Cultural Bureau, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (NC093 - ID no. 1034635522).
2008-  Charlotte Norlund, Funding: EPSRC CASE award.
2006- José Martin Montanez, Funding: CONACyT scholarship. (CONACyT 184350).
Research projects
Date Projects
2013-2015 PI, EU FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF, EuroSat4PhenoChanges, Monitoring vegetation phenology at multiple scales in Europe from the GMES satellite sensor time-series: special consideration to Natura2000 areas, (grant 331667), c. £200K.
2012-2015 NERC ESPA, Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium (DDDAC), (5% FEC to Atkinson. Sub-contracted by Edinburgh).
2012-2013 Named researcher, Royal Society UK-India Scientific Seminar, (Dr. Jadunundan Dash and Dr Mukund Behera PIs), £4,500.
2012-2016 Co-I, EU FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN, Stardust - the asteroid and space debris network (grant 317185) (includes 5% FEC to Atkinson), €640,576.
2012 PI, UK Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Lead author of Foresight Review on WP18 "State-of-the-Art in Risk Mapping" of Foresight Project "Improving Future Disaster Anticipation and Resilience", £28,845.
2012-2013  Co-I, European Space Agency, NEO impact effects and mitigation measures (grant SSASNVII-UoS-COM-PRS01), (includes 2% FEC to Atkinson; named supervisor of Research Fellow), €25,000.
2012-2015 Supervisor, UKRC MRC Fellowship (awarded to Dr. Nicola Wardrop), An integrated geospatial analysis framework for neglected zoonotic diseases (includes 5% FEC to Atkinson; named supervisor of Research Fellow), £369,815.
2010-2013  PI, Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA), Understanding the risks and factors for the introduction of Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever, a zoonosis, into Great Britain, £55,000.

Research group

Global Environmental Change and Earth Observation

Affiliate research groups

Population, Health and Wellbeing (PHeW), Agents, Interaction and Complexity


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Professor Peter Atkinson
(Visiting) Geography and Environmental Science, University of Southampton, University Road, Southampton SO17 1BJ
 Room Number: B44/NA Telephone:44 (0)7989 200837 Facsimile: NA Email:, (Work) Faculty of Science and Technology, Engineering Building, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YR

Room Number:44/2063

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