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Professor Hart nominated President of "Geological Society of Norfolk"

Published: 22 June 2012

Prof Jane Hart has been nominated as the Present of the Geological Society of Norfolk 2012. The Society promotes all aspects of the study of geology of Norfolk and publishes its own Journal, the Bulletin of the Geological Society of Norfolk, as well as organises talks and field meetings. Prof Hart gave her Presidential address in April entitled "The investigation of subglacial processes from modern and Quaternary glacial sediments".

Large chalk rafts

Much of Prof. Hart’s research has been about understanding subglacial processes from both modern and Quaternary glaciers, and Norfolk has some of the best glacial landforms and sediments in the UK. The glaciological theories developed about the glacial sediments of North Norfolk have been applied to all over the world. Because it is so difficult to carry out research beneath modern day glaciers, the exposed glacial deposits of Norfolk are an ideal place to test ideas, and develop models for future glacier response to climate change.

Publications include (amongst others): Hart and others (1990), Hart and Boulton (1991), Hart and Roberts (1994), Roberts and Hart (2005) and Hart (2007), with research continuing with current research students David Vaughan-Hirsch working on glaciotectonic rafting, and Alex Clayton investing small scale processes with CT scanning.

  • Hart JK, Hindmarsh RCA & Boulton GS 1990: Different styles of subglacial glaciotectonic deformation in the context of the Anglian ice sheet. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 15 227-242.
  • Hart JK & Boulton GS 1991: The interrelationship between glaciotectonic deformation and glaciodeposition. Quaternary Science Reviews 10 335-350.
  • Hart JK & Roberts DH 1994: Criteria to distinguish between subglacial glaciotectonic and glaciomarine sedimentation: I - Deformational styles and sedimentology. Sed. Geology 91 191-214.
  • Roberts DA & Hart JK 2005: The deforming bed characteristics of a stratified till assemblage in north East Anglia: investigating controls on sediment rheology and strain signatures. Quat. Sci. Rev. 24 123-140.
  • Hart JK 2007: An investigation of subglacial shear zone processes from Weybourne, Norfolk. Quaternary Science Reviews 26 2354–2374.

Figure shows “Large chalk rafts formed by proglacial glaciotectonic deformation, at Sidestrand, Norfolk.

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