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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

25th Gregory Lecture presented by Professor Robin Bell The Influence of Ice Sheet Hydrology on Ice Dynamics  Event

Professor Robin Bell
1 March 2017
Building 44 (Shackleton Building), lecture theatre 1041 (LTA)

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Event details

Geography event

The study of ice sheet hydrology has exploded in the past decade as we have come to appreciate both the extent and influence of water systems on the top and bottom of large ice sheets. Subglacial water has been stored in large lakes for a millennia and flows uphill in ice covered valleys refreezing to the base which triggers changes in ice flow and causes large scale deformation of the ice. Similarly, the role of surface water is rich and varied. Surface rivers in Greenland can be responsible for more than half of the ice loss as well as drainage feeding the subglacial water system through moulins. On top of ice shelves, water ponding is thought to trigger a sudden collapse as evidenced by the Larsen B example but in the future surface rivers may emerge as important factors in ice sheet stability. This talk will cover the exploration, discovery and future of ice sheet hydrology.

The event starts at 6pm (with refreshments available from 5.30pm). A drinks reception will be held afterwards.

Speaker information

Professor Robin Bell,PGI Lamont,Robin Bell received her undergraduate degree in geology from Middlebury College in Vermont (U.S) and her PhD in geophysics from Columbia University in 1989. Since completing her doctorate she has led research at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory on ice sheets, tectonics, rivers and mid-ocean ridges. Currently Bell is the PGI Lamont Research Professor where she directs research programmes in Antarctica, Greenland, and develops technology to monitor our changing planet.

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