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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Global Riverine Water, Sediment and Nutrient Flux Modeling: Concepts, Applications and Future Research Directions Seminar

10 April 2015
Shackleton Building 44, Lecture Theatre B

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During the last several decades, many rivers have undergone considerable alterations in response to anthropogenic and climatic changes. These changes have affected water, sediment, nutrient and carbon fluxes along river networks, with considerable consequences to infrastructure, agriculture, water security, ecology and geomorphology, in many locations worldwide. The degree of change in river material fluxes, and their spatial and temporal characteristics are largely unknown. This is, to a large degree, due to lack of continuous and long-term monitoring of river fluxes in the vast majority of global rivers. In part to address these shortcomings, we developed a spatially and temporally explicit global-scale riverine flux model, termed WBMsed, capable of predicting daily water, sediment and nutrient flux at relatively high spatial resolution. In this talk I will present the model’s conceptual framework, recent studies, and future research and development directions.

Chaired by John Dearing

Speaker information

Dr Sagy Cohen, University of Alabama. Department of Geography

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