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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Plateau icefield response to climate Seminar

19 October 2016
Shackleton Building 44, Lecture Theatre B

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Nathaniel O'Grady at N.O' .

Event details

Small ice masses such as mountain glaciers and plateau icefields are important for assessing the impacts of climate change at a local to regional scale, due to their sensitivity to changes in temperature and precipitation. Understanding how changes in climate will affect plateau icefield dynamics is not only important for predicting the future stability of plateau icefields under current climate trends, but also for understanding the retreat dynamics of Quaternary plateau icefields and the links to former climate fluctuations. This talk will draw on both Quaternary and modern plateau icefield examples to discuss how the response of small ice masses to climate change can be influenced by topography, thus complicating the overall response to changes in climate.

Speaker information

Dr Clare Boston, University of Portsmouth. Clare Boston completed a BSc and MSc in Geography at Durham University, before undertaking her PhD on Younger Dryas glaciation in the Monadhliath Mountains, Scotland, at Queen Mary University of London. She joined the University of Portsmouth as a lecturer in 2013.

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