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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

The use of spatial modelling to improve global environmental economic accounting Seminar

6 May 2021
Via Teams

Event details

Geography & Environmental Science Seminar

Human economic activity is exerting a profound influence on biodiversity and natural capital that has substantial implications for human wellbeing and society. However, over the last 50 years, understanding the causal links between economic activity and environmental impacts has become increasingly difficult. A major reason for this is that globalisation has created a spatial disconnect between the final consumption of goods and services, and their production and associated environmental impacts. This decoupling of production and consumption means that the drivers of environmental impacts, such as land use and cover change, are in part attributable to demand from outside the country where the impacts are occurring. Drawing on examples taken from research conducted at Southampton, this talk will consider how the increasing availability of spatial data relating to human economic activity is helping us to re-establish the link between production and consumption. Examined through the lens of efforts to decarbonise the economy I will consider examples relating to freshwater resources and global biodiversity, before considering future directions for research in this area.

Speaker Information

Dr Robert Holland – Senior research fellow within Geography & Environmental Science at the University of Southampton.

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