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Research project: European Health and Environment Information System (EUROHEIS) - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

The project's aim was to improve the understanding of links between environmental exposures, health outcomes and risk through the development of integrated information systems for the rapid assessment of relationships between the environment and health at a geo-spatial level.

The EUROHEIS project was funded by the European Commission, Directorate-General Health and Consumer Protection, Luxembourg under the programme 'Action on pollution-related diseases'. It was a three-year programme, comprising a feasibility study in year one (2000), an implementation phase in year two (2001-02) and an evaluation phase in year three (2002-03).

The project was based around a national system developed in the UK for undertaking point source investigations and disease mapping. This system, or ‘facility’, was designed and implemented by the government-funded Small Area Health Statistics Unit, and has been termed the Rapid Inquiry Facility (RIF). The EUROHEIS project sought to take the concepts, methods and techniques developed within the RIF and, where possible, to apply them within other partner countries (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands) to develop similar systems in those countries.

The University of Southampton worked on the EUROHEIS project for all three years, firstly developing the GIS aspects of the UK RIF, then adapting the RIF for use in different partner countries, and finally advising on the implementation in various partner countries.

Read more about the EUROHEIS project in:

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