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Research project: Structural Transformation, Adaptability and City Economic Evolutions - Dormant

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In the UK it is well known that not all cities have enjoyed economic success in recent years, and many have experienced dramatic decline after the war. After a loss of jobs in manufacturing, replaced by low-paid service jobs, there has been a fundamental shift in the economies of many cities over the last several decades. This research project, funded by the ESRC seeks to understand this economic shift in more detail, and establish how and why some cities have weathered the change better than others.

Start date: 1/12/2015 
End date: 31/05/2018

The main theory to be addressed by this research project is that: The difference seen in the medium- to long-term growth of different cities is largely due to the differences between cities’ ability to transform their economic structures and adapt to changing economic climates.

To address this theory, more specific research questions will include:

  • How has the industrial structure of the national economy changed and evolved over time?
  • How have these structural transformations been distributed across British cities and non-urban areas?
  • How have the economic structures of British cities changed over time?
  • How and why have cities varied in economic adaptability and to what degree has this been shaped by their industrial ensembles?
  • What has been the role of economic structure and structural transformation in explaining city growth paths?
  • How have urban and related policies impacted on the structures and growth paths of British cities?"

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