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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science
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Dr Nick Clarke 

Associate Professor in Human Geography

Dr Nick Clarke's photo

Dr Nick Clarke is Associate Professor in Human Geography within Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton.

BA (Geography) Birmingham 1996
MSc (Urbanism) Birmingham 1998
PhD Bristol 2004

1998-2000 - Researcher (Planning and Economics), Ecotec Research and Consulting Ltd, Birmingham
2003-2005 - Research Associate, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol
2005-2014 - Lecturer in Human Geography, Geography and Environmental Science, University of Southampton
2014-present - Associate Professor in Human Geography, Geography and Environmental Science, University of Southampton


Research interests

My main research interest is in 'Community in a Global Age' (whether cultural, moral, or political community). This places me somewhere between the sub-disciplines of cultural geography, political geography, and urban geography. To date, this interest has led to research in the following areas:

Globalisation, transnationalism, mobility, tourism

Consumption, ethics, politics

Municipal internationalism, urban policy mobilities, comparative urbanism, local governance

Popular understandings of politics, political engagement and disengagement, citizenship.

Research projects

2000-04 - Writing mobility: British working holiday makers in Australia (PhD research funded by the ESRC)

2003-06 - Governing the subjects and spaces of ethical consumption (with Clive Barnett, Paul Cloke, and Alice Malpass; funded under the ESRC/AHRB Cultures of Consumption programme)

2007-09 - Producing proximities: Town twinning in Britain since 1945 (funded by the Nuffield Foundation) Town Twinning Project Website

2009 - The international development activities of local authorities in England and Wales (funded by the Local Government Alliance for International Development)

2014-16 - Popular understandings of politics in Britain, 1937-2014 (with Gerry Stoker and Will Jennings; funded by the ESRC) Popular understandings of politics in Britain

2020-22 - Learning to live with risk and responsibility: Understanding popular responses to COVID-19 (with Clive Barnett; funded by the British Academy) Learning to live with risk and responsibility website.

PhD students (co-supervised)

  • Sean Kennedy, 'The international activities of British cities during the twentieth century', finished July 2014 (with Steven Pinch)
  • Emma Waight, 'Second-hand retailing/consumption and the economic cycle', finished February 2016 (with Kate Boyer)
  • Elaine Rust, 'The economic impacts of cultural events on town centures', finished November 2017 (with Neil Wrigley)
  • Bilal Gorentas, 'Nationalism at the border between Turkey and Iran', finished February 2017 (with Ulrike Hanna Meinhof)
  • Roger Tyers, 'Nudging people to offset their carbon emissions', finished December 2016 (with Milena Buchs)
  • Ying Wang, 'Social cohesion and neighbourhood governance in urban China', finished January 2020 (with Tom Kemeny and Graham Moon)
  • Peipei Chen, 'Artists, local economic development, and political contestation in rural China', finished January 2021 (with Brian Hracs)
  • Khaleda Brophy-Harmer, 'Representing everyday life using Mass Observation's COVID-19 collections', started September 2021 (with Eve Colpus)

Prospective students with ideas for PhD projects in any of my research areas should feel encouraged to contact me for an informal chat.

Research group

Economy, Society and Governance

Research project(s)

Producing Proximities: Town Twinning in Britain Since 1945

Popular understandings of politics in Britain, 1937-2014

Learning to Live with Risk and Responsibility: Understanding Popular Responses to COVID-19.

Convenor of:  

GEOG 3003 Berlin Fieldcourse: Politics and Urban Space

Ethics reviewer (ERGO).

Dr Nick Clarke
Geography and Environmental Science
University of Southampton
University Road,
Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 44/2011

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