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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental ScienceUndergraduate study

Becoming a nature conservation officer

Experience is important in getting positions in this field, so there is no one way of qualifying. Be prepared to volunteer and get your name known so people think of you when positions arise.


  1. A degree in a relevant subject, such as geography
  2. A master’s degree in a relevant subject is considered essential by a lot of employers. Consider a postgraduate qualification that balances your undergraduate degree, for example a management course to complement a science degree.

Work experience

Experience is crucial to getting into this field of work, as the sector is very competitive. There are few paid positions but many voluntary or casual positions. Casual or seasonal paid work is rarely advertised but instead given to volunteers who have proved themselves to be committed so this is an excellent route in.

Work experience also gives you an excellent opportunity to network and gain contacts.

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