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Career opportunities after a geography degree

A degree in geography from the University of Southampton opens many new doors in terms of your career choices. This section looks at some of the careers chosen by geographers and gives you some information about what the jobs can involve. You can also read profiles from some of our alumni who are in these careers, their routes into the jobs and their advice to you in your job searches.

Researching your future career is important, as employers are increasingly looking for relevant experience. If you are looking to do further study or research it may also be important to think about selecting your modules early.

If any of the careers here catch your eye, or if you feel you want more information, there are a large number of resources available in the Careers and Employability Service

Often directly relating to a geography degree, and working with the world around you, these careers link directly to many of the modules available to you through the Geography department. They build on the skills and knowledge learnt directly from your modules. Many roles in this sector will require the use of mapping or analysis software.

Getting into these careers may rely on having the appropriate skills from the modules you choose, so think about this when choosing subjects throughout your degree.


Climate Change Analyst


Emergency Management Specialist 


Geospatial analyst

GIS specialist 


Location analyst 


Pollution Analyst 

Remote Sensing Analyst 

Soil Conservationist 


Town planner

Water conservation officer



Choices can be confusing, this section includes some details on roles available
Geographical career options

Roles in these sectors are constantly changing as high profile issues are brought in and out of focus, with funding for projects sometimes dependant on government policy or charitable giving. Development work may be long term projects, short term humanitarian relief, or a short term gap year/vacation project and may involve working in poverty-stricken areas. 

These sectors are extremely competitive so it is important to get as much work experience as you can, which may involve volunteering.

For many areas of work within environmental and development sectors it is common to have a master’s degree and both career paths need a passion to make a difference and an interest in global affairs or the future of the planet.

Charity Fundraiser 


Environmental Education Officer 

Humanitarian Programme Manager

Landscape Architect

Nature Conservation Officer

Recycling Officer

Waste Management Officer

Water Quality Scientist


Choices can be confusing, this section includes some details on roles available
Environmental career options.

The places we live in and the interactions between people in these areas are often the focus of geographical study. These careers may relate directly to BA modules offered as part of your degree course. Work in society generally involves a lot of contact with people and the general public. Higher level posts in organisations in this sector may include managerial and strategic posts. 

Environmental Consultant 

Estate Agent 

Human Resources Manager 

Primary School Teacher

Secondary School Teacher

Transport Logistics Manager

Transportation Planner

University lecturer

Youth Worker



Choices can be confusing, this section includes some details on roles available
Careers in society

Business careers tend to rely on transferrable skills and may need further study, extra training or a graduate scheme to add to your skill base. 

This sector often opens up opportunities for foreign travel, experiencing different cultures. It poses exciting new challenges and needs a graduate who is not put off by new challenges and can work with a customer-focused approach.

Exhibition Designer 

Exhibition Organiser 

Expedition Leader 


Tour guide 

TV Researcher 

Choices can be confusing, this section includes some details on roles available
Business and leisure career sectors
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