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Tour guide

Tour guides work in well mapped out places that they know well and have first-hand experience of. They work with varying groups both nationally and internationally and may also be involved in the planning stages.

Responsible for groups of tourists
Responsible for groups of tourists

Typical work activities

Tour guides are expected to know the area intimately and be able to offer information and anecdotes about all aspects of the history, geography and culture. 

People skills are very important as you are there to assist their travelling rather than to experience the culture for yourself.

This is not a 9-5 job, as you are often working every waking hour whilst on tour, so plenty of energy and enthusiasm are a must!



A geography degree is considered to be related and so may increase your chances.

A good working knowledge of foreign languages is often required if you plan to go overseas.

Work experience

Experience of dealing with the public and developing a friendly and approachable manner is important. Working in a tourism-based industry is also beneficial, so you could try and get experience in a travel agent or tourist resort.

More information

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