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The University of Southampton
Centre for Global Health and Policy (GHAP)

About us

The newly renamed Centre for Global Health and Policy (GHaP) is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence for global health research within the School of Economic, Social and Political Sciences in Southampton. Research is focused on the marginalised and vulnerable populations in low and middle income countries (LMICs), with the aim to influence policy and practice and improve health within these contexts.

At the heart of the Centre's mission is undertaking research to further progress towards the achievement of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) alleviating poverty, improving infant and child mortality, reducing maternal mortality, and redressing social, economic and political determinants of health. Our theoretical approach will serve to advance academic research as much as provide a vehicle for identifying how new knowledge can be effectively harnessed for policies that can contribute to more effective and inclusionary health system governance.

It has close links with other Global Health researchers throughout the University (in Medicine, Geography, Health Sciences, Business School, Psychology and beyond). The Centre has a wide membership from the school with researchers studying Global Health in its broadest definition. We are the hub of research in the School on health in LMICs and link more broadly where appropriate.

Current research links directly with the GCRF fund, specifically the vision to ensure access to sustainable health and wellbeing within a prosperous economy and society. A hallmark of the Centre's research is the combination of statistical analysis of large quantitative datasets, such as the Demographic and Health Surveys or Living Standard Measurement Surveys, with rigorous policy and political economy analysis. The siting of the Centre within Social Sciences allows expertise to be drawn from a wide range of perspectives.

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