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Draft zero of the WHO's "Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health" is now open to public consultation from individuals and institutions

Published: 10 September 2015
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The consultation aims to gather valuable inputs towards the agreement on the Action Plan. This includes suggested goals, strategic objectives, action points, commitments from stakeholders, and indicators to measure progress towards healthy ageing that reaches every person

The World Health Organisation  is keen to have responses to this first draft

The draft (draft zero) proposes the following 5 strategic objectives. Respondents are invited to comment on each.

  1. Committing to foster healthy ageing in every country
  2. Aligning health systems to the needs of older populations
  3. Developing long-term care systems
  4. Creating age-friendly environments
  5. Improving measuring, monitoring and understanding


The Global Strategy on Healthy Ageing is a concept linked closely to WHO’s age friendly communities’ work and to our own Active Ageing Index and the global agewatch index. The review of this strategy will provide avenues for common streams of research and innovation for researchers across all our faculties

Asghar Zaidi - Professor in International Social Policy (University of Southampton)
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