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The University of Southampton
Great War: Unknown War

Question Time

As part of the Great War event series a 'Question Time' style event is planned for 1st November 2018.


A panel of experts will answer questions from the audience.  The members of the panel are:

Adrian Smith
Emeritus Professor of Modern History
Specialist field: Britain, France and the Western Front; the British empire; technology and arms in war.

Neil Gregor
Professor of Modern European History
Specialist field: Impact of the war on Germany; the memory and remembrance of the war; political radicalization in interwar Europe.

Mike Hammond
Associate Professor of Film
Specialist field: film and war; USA memory and the war; music on the Western Front.

Claire Le Foll
Associate Professor of East European Jewish History and Culture
Specialist field: Eastern Europe: violence, art and culture; Russian Revolution; Jews and minority groups; migration.

Sarah Pearce
Dean of the School of Humanities.

Questions for the panel

You can submit any questions you have for the panel's consideration via our survey here.


To sign up for this event here.

Austrian Soldier
Austrian Soldier
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