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The University of Southampton
Promoting employability: how to get the most from your alumni


This project provides an opportunity for us to gain a clear understanding of how we can make the best use of our relationship with our alumni in order to promote employability.

As a means of raising awareness of employability our alumni are a valuable resource.  Alumni can help our students to understand the importance of gaining those additional skills which are so useful in the workplace; they can highlight the value of volunteering and gaining placements while registered for a degree; they can have input into the curriculum; and they can offer students something aspirational: 'if s/he can do that job, then maybe I can too'.

Currently, higher education institutions involve alumni in a variety of activities to promote employability.  Examples include:

These and other activities all have value, but are we getting the most from them?
To make alumni activities across HE count for more and have a bigger impact, we need to gain a better understanding of how we can maximise the input that our alumni already have; seek to discover whether alumni can offer anything more than they already do; and find out where what they can offer is best placed.  With this in mind, there are three research questions which this project will address:

The answers that the project provides to these questions will be accessible across Higher Education in the form of a 'Promoting employability: how to get the most from your alumni' information pack.  the pack will provide:

Project progress will be documented in our blog.

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