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The University of Southampton
Promoting employability: how to get the most from your alumni

Survey Results

We are surveying students from across the University of Southampton to find out how much they know about alumni, what input they have had from alumni thus far and how they think that alumni can help them to become more employable.

We had around 2000 responses to our survey.  Here are the results:

89% of our respondents told us that they know what 'alumni' are

Less than 50% of our respondents know that the University has an Alumni Office, but 66% know that when they leave the University they can become alumni and be sent regular updates on University activity

Only 45% of our respondents know that the University regularly invites former students back to campus to talk about their experiences after University,

96% of our respondents think that alumni can be used to help them to understand more about the career options available to them, but 65% said that they were only interested in hearing from alumni who took the same degree as them

Respondents were asked to tell us about the types of activity they felt was important for alumni to have input into.  They ranked the options given in the following order (1 = most important for alumni input, 10 = least important)

  1. career option talks
  2. placements or internships
  3. 'my life and career after university' talks
  4. career panels, bringing people together to answer questions about their career choices
  5. mentoring
  6. on site visits to their place of business
  7. interviews, with video/audio clips available online to view/listen to
  8. surveys in which alumni answer questions about their choices after university
  9. entrepreneurial or enterprise activities
  10. website profiles

Respondents were asked to tell us when they would most like to have input from alumni, selecting one option from the list given:

Having participated in the survey, respondents were asked to tell us if they would:

A. attend events on campus involving alumni - 82% said 'yes'
B. join the alumni mailing list after you graduate - 77% said 'yes'
C. be happy to come back to University after they have graduated to talk about their life experience or career choices - 70% said 'yes'

We also asked respondents to tell us about any other activities which alumni could help with.  We received a whole host of ideas which will be used to inform the next stage of the project: in depth interviews with recent alumni.

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