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The University of Southampton
Health Ethics and Law (HEAL)

Areas of interest

Our core members hold expertise across the fields of health ethics and law. We take a variety of critical approaches to understanding and analysing law and policy, including from moral, philosophical, political, and regulatory perspectives.

Through a range of large, on-going projects, national and international interdisciplinary research collaborations, and individual research endeavours, we focus on a diverse range of practical and theoretical questions at the intersection between health ethics and the law. Examples are projects relating to: Covid-19 (the role of Human Rights law) and public health law and ethics, healthcare and criminal justice, bodily organs, post-mortem privacy rights and transplantation, reproductive and sexual health and rights at national and international levels, medical-professional ethics and the ‘hidden law makers’ behind test cases.

Contact us

We are pleased to be contacted about participation in research collaborations, and we welcome applications from prospective PhD candidates, and inquiries from potential applicants who might be interested in developing proposals for postdoctoral research positions in HEAL.


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