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The University of Southampton
Health Ethics and Law (HEAL)


Reproduction, Ethics, Policy, Regulation, Obstetrics, and Law (REPROLAW)

Directors - Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning and Dr Claire Lougarre

REPROLAW brings together people working on human reproduction from legal and ethical perspectives. Members are involved in a wide range of research, individually and in collaboration, which include interdisciplinary and policy-focused projects.

We have a dedicated mailing list through which we send updates on events and other items related to the field of reproduction, broadly defined. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, or have an item that may be of interest to our members, please contact the Directors of REPROLAW, Natasha or Claire on the email addresses below.

Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning

Dr Claire Lougarre


Recent events from REPRO Law

REPROLAW members are involved in organising academic events on different topics related to reproductive health, ethics, and law. Most of the events bring together internationally-recognised scholars from around the globe.

In July 2016, the inaugural event of REPROLAW brought together academics from a range of disciplines to discuss Reproductive Futures: Reproductive Choices? This two day workshop explored the role of law and ethics in regulating and guiding scientific advances, current and potential, in the field of human reproduction.

Following this workshop, Natasha and Claire guest edited a Special Issue in the peer reviewed journal Contemporary Issues in Law:

As a HEAL member, Claire Lougarre published the following article on The protection of sexual and reproductive health in European human rights law: perspectives from the Council of Europe as part of the Special Issue.


Past events from REPROLAW

Human Rights, Reproduction, and Maternal Health

Friday 17th May 2017 - 2-4pm, University of Southampton, Law School, room 04/4003

Session 1: Narratives surrounding abortion rights and literacy in India, Nigeria, and Northern Ireland.

· Dr Claire Lougarre: The protection of sexual and reproductive health in European human rights law: applications to Northern Ireland

· Dr Heini Väisänen: Health literacy and knowledge of misoprostol among women obtaining medication abortions in Lagos.

· Severyna Magill: Building an ' autochthonous' right to reproductive health in India - how to steer the right to abortion debate

Session 2: Birthing experiences and maternity care

· Kaveri Marya: Why do some care providers abuse women during childbirth?

· Nicola Philbin: Using the human right to health to explore quality issues in maternity care

This event was organised by Professor (Dr.) Zoe Matthews, and Dr. Claire Lougarre, (University of Southampton) and Severyna Magill (Jindal Global Law School, India).


On 22nd February 2017 Dr Mark Flear from Queen’s University Belfast spoke at Southampton Law School - European Patent Law, the human embryo and biomedical research

On 8th November 2017 Dr Cathy Herbrand from De Montfort University spoke at Southampton Law School - How was the legalisation of mitochondrial donation possible in the UK? Exploring key strategies employed during the debates

On 13th December 2017 Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning spoke - Uterus transplants – Reproductive Revolution or Cause for Concern?


Details of forthcoming events will be posted here.


Past publications 

Written evidence submitted by Dr Claire Lougarre to UK Parliament on UK's human rights obligations to reform abortion law in Northern Ireland in 2018.

Natasha has published extensively on uterus transplantation.

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