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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Healthcare Consultancy

Here at Health Sciences we act as consultants in partnership with a range of organisations, both public and private, to create new opportunities for learning and discovery.

We work workforces and work on research projects. These relationships represent excellent opportunities for the open exchange of ideas, many of which evolve into innovative solutions for complex problems.

What's more, we regularly advise on healthcare policy to governmental bodies from around the world who value our higher level skills set.

Collaborative projects have included a midwifery training programme in South Sudan which aimed to improve maternity services, lower maternal mortality rates and empower women in the new African state.

Our 'HAWK:' a project that aims to understand more about the way the human hand works, using Hollywood movie technology to map movement. HAWK stands for hand and wrist kinematics, and has been particularly useful for pianists wishing to analyse piano playing techniques.

To discover more about our consultancy activities, contact Dr. Sue Colley on

Workforce development

Health Sciences plays a major role in the development of new roles and education for the health care workforce, as well as a close working partnership with the NHS and other health care and education providers. Our aim is to be the centre of an international network for workforce development in health care with a national and global reputation for delivering effective change management in the modernisation of the workforce.

We're also involved in a range of employer engagement activities and regularly hosts events. We are interested in the changing nature of health care work and how the workforce is developing in response to new demands. Learn more about our dedicated Strategic Research Group, the Work Futures Research Centre .

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