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Health Sciences

Extra funding for AHP students from 2012

Published: 1 November 2011

The Student Funding Review of the NHS bursary scheme has concluded that, in the future, students on NHS funded courses will all have access to the same package of financial support from September 2012.

This means that AHP students starting in September 2012 and beyond will be eligible for the same funding arrangements as their peers in nursing and midwifery.

These arrangements will provide all new students with:
1. a small non-means tested grant of £1000 each year,
2. eligibility to apply for a larger means-tested bursary of up to £4,395 (London students will be able to apply for up to £5,460),
3. a reduced rate non-means tested maintenance loan of up to £2,324 (London students will be entitled to apply for up to £3,263).

It should be noted that entitlement for the means-tested bursary and maintenance loan will differ according to personal circumstances and that the maintenance loan is reduced in the final year of study.

These changes will only apply to new students who begin their training on or after the date the new arrangements come into effect. Existing students will remain on the current scheme.

Students on university courses (which lead to registration with the Health Professions Council) for certain allied health professions may be eligible for financial help from the NHS while studying. Disabled students and students with dependent children or adults can apply for additional support. These allowances will remain unchanged.

(Note the above arrangements relate to students commencing courses from September 2012. Eligible students starting approved NHS funded courses in 2011 will usually have their tuition fees paid in full and are eligible for a bursary. This is means-tested for students on approved degree programmes and non-means tested for those on approved diploma of higher education programmes)

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