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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Research award highlights

Health Sciences research award highlights from August 2015 to May 2016


Professor Jo Adams; Arthritis Research UK, £247,063 over 33 months

The efficacy of splinting for thumb base osteoarthritis: a randomised controlled cross over trial


Professor Dan Bader; EPSRC-NIHR HTC Partnership Award ‘Plus’, £502k over 36 months

Medical devices and vulnerable skin: Intelligent sensing to promote self-management


Professor Catherine Bowen; NIHR, £468,066 over 48 months

Career Development Fellowship - The optimisation of foot care for people with arthritis


Professor Jackie Bridges; Macmillan Cancer Relief, £29,578 over eight months

Workforce requirements to deliver high quality and appropriate care and support to older people affected by cancer – a scoping review of the evidence


Professor Jane Burridge; NIHR, £677,015 over 24 months

i4i - Mechanical Muscle activity with Real-time Kinematics (M-MARK): A novel combination and application of existing technology designed to improve arm recovery following stroke


Dr Susan Duke; National Institute of Health Research SSCR, £191,154 over 29 months

Supporting carers providing end of life care during the transition from hospital to their family member’s preferred place of care.


Professor Mandy Fader; Solent NHS Trust, £13,719 over 12 months

Bladder and bowel problems at the end of life: Patient and carer experiences


Professor Claire Foster; Macmillan Cancer Relief, £2,407,004 over 60 months

Macmillan Horizons Programme - Horizons


Professor Peter Griffiths (Co-I); NIHR (HS&DR) , £316,995 over 30 months

Evaluating the ten year impact of the Productive Ward at the clinical microsystem level in English acute trusts


Professor Peter Griffiths; NIHR, £375,145 over 30 months

Modelling costs and consequences of the safer nursing care tool


Professor Carl May; Health Foundation, £5,676 over 15 months

Rapid Access Multidisciplinary Palliative Assessment and Radiotherapy Treatment Clinic


Dr Cheryl Metcalf; Technology Strategy Board, £21,246 over 18 months

SMART: Proof of Concept


Dr Thomas Monks; Solent NHS Trust, £26,730 over 10 months

Research Capability Funding


Dr Emma Murphy; NIHR, £184,808 over 36 months

ICA Clinical Lectureship: Variations in quality of end of life care, decision making and palliative outcomes for patients with stage 5 chronic kidney disease on dialysis: the QUALYCARE renal study


Professor Catherine Pope; Health Foundation, £73,690 over 15 months

Safer care patient-centred checklist: a co-designed intervention to promote safe, high quality practice and improved outcomes. Health Foundation innovating for improvement programme


Dr Carol Rivas; National Institute of Health Research, £375,980 over 19 months

PRESENT: Patient Reported Experience Survey Engineering of Natural Text: development practical automated analysis and representations of cancer survey freetext answers


Dr Ivaylo Vassilev; Health Foundation, £64,125 over 15 months

Navigating Networks, negotiating relationships, and building collective efficacy: implementing a self-management support intervention for people with long-term conditions


Dr Dawn-Marie Walker (C o-I); NIHR, £6,392 over 18 months

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) for patients with offending histories – feasibility of an evidence-based approach in forensic mental health settings


Dr Dawn-Marie Walker (Co-I); NIHR, £1,459 over 10 months

Outcomes from forensic services for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities: evidence synthesis and expert and patient consultation


Dr Dawn-Marie Walker; National Institute of Health Research, £3,600 over 27 months

Development of Prototype Device for Minimally Invasive Delivery of Osteospheres for Treatment of Osteoporosis


Dr Dawn-Marie Walker; National Institute of Health Research, £6,486 over 36 months

Early electrical stimulation to the wrist extensors and wrist flexors to prevent post-stroke complications of pain and contractures in the paretic arm – a feasibility study


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