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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Health Sciences awarded a prestigious Lifelong Learning Program

The University of Southampton, along with 10 partner universities in Europe, has been awarded a prestigious Lifelong Learning Program: Erasmus Multilateral Projects Award to develop a European MSc in Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies over the next two years. This award is shared between the Faculties of Health Sciences, Engineering and the Environment, and Physical and Applied Sciences, and will involve different professions and nationalities working together to develop the MSc.

The Background:

Healthcare across Europe has been recognised as being fragmented; services are often delivered in a traditional way, with unjustified variations in the quality of care patients receive. The consequences of treating age-related conditions such as stroke have a growing impact on the health and economic prosperity of the European community.

Cost-effective rehabilitation is essential; rehabilitation technologies have the potential to fulfil this role.  However research into healthcare technologies is also fragmented by geography and discipline, expertise within individual departments is scattered across Europe and research groups involved with technology for rehabilitation are often primarily based in one academic discipline. This results in the lack of a strategic approach to the design, development, assessment and evaluation of new technologies leading to competition for small amounts of money rather than collaboratively increasing the competitive advantage of a strong European Industry.

In line with the Bologna and Lisbon processes this project will involve stakeholders identifying learning outcomes and competencies to develop an MSc in Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies using existing EU Tuning methodology. 

It will: 

The Ambition:

To produce leaders who can advance this growing market for clinical, research, technical and commercial purposes.


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