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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

No time for romance

Poem for Valentine's Day Faculty Bake Off - AMECA

By Sue Warren

As days go by it's very clear
That when per chance you're standing near
It seems to change the way I act.
It's quite an interesting fact,
But one I fear I can't explain.
(I feel it's coming on again!).
O ever so increasingly
You have a strange effect on me.


I cannot go to sleep at night;
I try to eat but it's a fight.
When I pass by you in the day,
I wish I'd some great words to say.
But no, I almost trip instead,
Then think of things I could have said.
I shake and spill my cup of tea -
You have a strange effect on me!


But there are times you go away
And, when you do, I have to say
That all these symptoms disappear!...
I feel so sad that you're not near.
When you are back I laugh a lot -
Return all symptoms like a shot!
Do you know why it seems to be
You have a strange effect on me?


...O how I wish that you were mine!
Please will you be my Valentine?

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