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Ethics in a Complex World

An update from Julie Wintrup on the first week of running this CI module

After well over a year of preparation, supported by the CI team and two 'critical friends' from Leeds and Melbourne, we launched our new module on 28th January 2013. We were delighted to find that we have a really interesting bunch of students from across the University, all brave souls prepared to try something completely new outside the safety of their established programmes and disciplines.

Teething problems include getting to grips with the two-week window during which students can change modules and finding that a minority of students also have timetable clashes. Several others wish to join the module but we are now full and cannot accommodate them this year. However everyone has responded really quickly to our requests for help and we are learning lots about managing this for next year.

Help has been swift and effective from Jenny Smith, Curriculum Innovation Project Coordinator, and the timetabling team. Our Cite colleagues, Fiona Harvey and Alex Furr, provide us with creative ideas and have been pivotal in experimentation with new approaches. Kelly's pre-module survey is also helping us all learn lots about how students make module choices and where they look for information so we will be better prepared in future.

Although we are only at the very beginning, we are enjoying working together as a cross-disciplinary group with different perspectives, research interests, networks to call on and contributions to make to the students' learning.

Alex is helping us develop a website, throughout the course of the module, to act as a 'taster' for 1st and 2nd students considering the module next year, and for prospective students thinking of choosing Southampton. We want the students on the module to contribute to this along with University colleagues, so that we develop an interesting set of ethics resources and links open to anyone to use in their teaching. We welcome your questions and interest and will keep you posted throughout the semester.

Julie, Angela, Caroline, Alex, Fiona, Hazel and Roger

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