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Marketing Update

This summary aims to give you a quick overview of some of the activities that the Marketing team has been working on over the last couple of months.


It has been a tough recruitment cycle across the University but all teams have responded well to the challenge and we have done the most marketing activity at a local and central level than ever before.

As a Faculty we started our advertising campaigns earlier than ever before with a real focus on digital advertising, whether that be pay per click or on programme aggregator websites. We are also continuing to work with a specialist search engine optimisation agency which ensures that we have good natural Google search rankings for our programmes.

The use of social media has increased in our campaigns and our Facebook community has grown significantly. The news section of our website is now updated very regularly as we have so much news coming in from across the Faculty and we would encourage you to keep that coming!! Anything that you think may be of interest let us know and we can feed it into our many channels.

Conversion activity has been a big focus across the University for this cycle. In fact 5 personalised, subject specific emails have gone out to all offer holders over the last 3 months to keep applicants warm. Ensuring that they have all the information they need to make the right choice. They were also sent a Thank You card on their application which created some wonderful tweets from prospective students.

A breakdown of all marketing and recruitment activity per Faculty and can now been found at this link. It enables you to see the breadth of recruitment related marketing activity.

There has been a lot of work done to specifically promote the new BSc Healthcare: management, policy and research from new marketing materials to course specific advertising.

Rebekah has also been working with Dean Films on 2 films to show a day in the life of both an undergraduate student and a postgraduate student. We are really happy with the results and they will be able to be used across many platforms to help student recruitment. We will be releasing both films very soon so please look out for that.

The UG prospectus for 2014 is already hot off the press in anticipation of the forthcoming UCAS Fairs. Thanks to all who contributed.


With the recent revalidation of the PG portfolio, work is now underway to produce a suite of new materials that can be used to actively sell the new provision. This includes the creation of new programme pages for the website and updating of the current. A new prospectus is also underway to showcase the entire PG product portfolio, and accompanying programme leaflets.

From here the web pages will be optimised to ensure that our programmes are easy to find on search engines.

In addition to the PGT and PGR products we are also working on the "CPD New Deal" project. We have managed to secure additional resource in Chris Whiley who is working on the marketplace event to be held on the 1st May. In addition he is working on a whole marketing programme around the new proposition to engage both stakeholders and prospects. This is a huge project in marketing terms and we are pleased to have Chris on board. Chris will stay with us until November as following the CPD project which will conclude at the beginning of May he will then begin work on delivering some of the Faculty's Communications plan. More about that in the next newsletter.


The new Health Sciences special edition of New Boundaries is about to go to print. This is a high quality magazine showcasing some of the Faculty's research. It will be used to send out to stakeholders, partners, funders and also for PGR recruitment. In addition it will be used in many different channels and on external visits, conferences and foreign trips. Copies will be available after Easter.

New websites are under construction for the research groups, with CPELC area now complete, the others are following which will improve the group's web presence in view of REF.

There will also be a new impact area added to all Faculty websites to showcase some of the top research in the Faculties, this will go live after Easter and will be added to over time.

Again this is just a part of some of the work that we do, but hopefully gives you an insight into what we are doing to help market the Faculty to multiple audiences. Please do come and see us or ask any questions if you need any more information on any of these initiatives.

Sarah Maillard-Salin, Lisa Bradshaw, Rebekah Donawa and Chris Whiley.

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