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Health Sciences

Marketing update

The end of term is a very busy time for the marketing team. We have been working on many projects including prospectus' for both University and the Faculty for 2015 and Open Days for 2015 entry and supporting many Faculty activities such as the PG Open evening and the RHT Discovery Day held recently. It is also a time when we are looking forward to the next academic year and writing our marketing plans for Faculty.

Next year we are looking to do more profile raising activity than we have in recent years. Previously the marketing effort across all Faculties in the University has been very recruitment centred, and for good reason. However there has also been recognition that this may have been to the detriment of the longer term profile raising and reputation building. All Faculties will now be looking at changing their focus and this will be reflected in their marketing plans. We are also looking at our positioning as a Faculty and how we can begin to “own” certain areas of expertise in what is a very crowded marketplace. After a series of internal workshops, discussions and a media and competitor audit we have identified four areas where we feel that that Faculty can begin to build a strong reputation

  1. Patient and self - management
  2. Advanced practice
  3. Keeping patients safe
  4. Implementation Science

This does not preclude any of the other amazing work that goes on in the Faculty but identifies areas where we can push as a marketing and communications team to build reputation. The four areas are deliberately broad and encompass work in both our research and education portfolios. If you have any stories or news around this then please let us know so that we can capture them. To help you do this, a new Telling our Stories portal has been launched.

This is designed to give a voice to all the work that is taking place across our University in research, education and enterprise. We want to build and instil pride in our community and ensure that we collectively know about our successes and the amazing work that is taking place here every day. You can go here to submit a story and we will help you develop and promote it through relevant channels. You can also use the site to find other stories, facts, information, toolkits, and examples of connectivity stories or University news, to enhance your own presentations, reports and work.  We hope that you find it useful!

You may or may not be aware of a new brand campaign which was launched at the beginning of July, all of the details are on the main University website.

This is in response to the need of longer term profile and awareness building with key audiences and I am sure that this will have a very positive impact. On that note the University of Southampton entered the world’s top 20 for International media coverage this month, measured and tracked by The World 100 Reputation Network.It shows that in the period March – May 2014, the University’s media coverage entered into the world’s top 40, climbed in April and in May overtook Nottingham, Bristol, Warwick and Birmingham amongst others to be placed #17. We will keep you updated on how this progresses.

Sarah Maillard-Salin, Lisa Bradshaw and Rebekah Donawa

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